As an established childcare provider based in Darlington, Acorn Care offers a range of services for looked after children of all ages from all over the North East. Having a children’s home and a Fostering Service we often work together to achieve our aim of providing young people with the opportunities and experiences that will enable them to achieve their full potential by giving them a positive start in life. It’s our mission to provide a firm foundation, by providing the highest quality of care, from which our young people can grow, thrive and focus on the present and their future rather than their past. We have numerous examples of how this works in practice and we’d like to share just two of them with you.

Our first example is a mother and baby placement for a young lady to transfer from Residential Care At The Acorns to Fostering At The Acorns so that the Fostering team could give her and the baby the additional support needed. This would also mean that the Residential Team could remain in touch and offer outreach care for continuity, a vital element for this young lady’s development and progression. Another example was the breakdown of a fostering placement for a young boy placed with a Foster Carer who already had an older boy placed with them. In this instance the Residential team stepped in to offer the boy accommodation and security/continuity. Indeed the boy settled so well with the Residential team that he remained at Baydale until his Local Authority could source a placement closer to his hometown and school (another great outcome for the child).

Working in partnership with young people, our families and other professionals we aim to create positive outcomes for each individual we come into contact with. Our focus is in line with the outcomes that matter most to children and young people and our values reflect that we work with some of the more vulnerable members of our society. Our foster families provide care for young people who, as a result of their past experiences, present with emotional and behavioural difficulties but together, we work towards re-establishing their trust in the adults around them and offer them a secure base from which they can learn to explore the world around them with confidence and optimism.

From small ACORNS, big oaks grow and together, we ensure that we are:

Always there every step of the way

Caring we look after each and every one

Open and honest in our approach

Respectful holding people in high regard and being sensitive to their needs

Nurturing  the people we care for to deliver their full potential

Striving continually to be the best at what we do

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